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Marine Running Gear Service

Your vessel is your pride and joy. But even the best of maintenance efforts may not prevent damage from occurring to the marine running gear.  When that happens, you need the best to identify and repair the issues affecting your craft.

At DND Marine Services, we are here for you. We provide the best in marine running gear service that identifies and solves the issues with the shafts, propellers, rudders, struts, couplings, seals, thru-hulls, and strainers on your boat.

Our Marine Running Gear Services

Engine Alignment: If you are feeling vibrations when the boat is moving through the water, chances are the engine may be out of alignment. We can inspect the engine and its connections. Plus, we can also detect and repair leaks to the stuffing boxes.

Propellers: The propeller drives your boat through the water, but it also can come into contact with debris, underwater wrecks, and even become damaged if the boat runs aground. We can inspect the propellors for any damage and ensure the blades are pitched correctly.

Rudders, Struts, and Couplings: We offer complete inspection and repair services to ensure that the rudders, couplings, and struts on your boat operate properly. This means a full inspection followed by repair or replacement depending on the damage.  

Shafts: The shaft is where the prop connects with the hull. We can solve issues with vibrations, corrosion, wear and tear on the seals, and more. Our trained, experience personnel will take the boat out of the water to get the best view of the shafts.

At DND Marine Services, we also inspect the seals to ensure they remain tight. Plus, we check the strainers and remove any buildup of mollusks and debris. This also includes the application of zinc anodes to help protect your vessel from corrosion. Our services also include an evaluation of the thru-hull and seacock seals to ensure they are in the proper condition.

Why Choose DND Marine Services?

There are good reasons why DND Marine Services is the company you can trust to repair your craft. Everything starts with our knowledgeable, experienced staff who are fully trained in the inspection, maintenance, and repair of your vessel.

Complete Repair Services: If there is something affecting the running gear of your boat, we can fix it. This means we are your one-stop-shop when something is not right with your vessel. Our trained technicians will identify the issue, inform you what it takes to correct the problem, and repair it upon your approval.

Low, Competitive Pricing: At DND Marine Services, we are not the cheapest when it comes to marine running gear repair. But we do provide the best in terms of repairs at low, competitive pricing. This means that you can trust our repairs to hold up while not having to empty your wallet.

If you are having marine running gear issues, please give us a call at DND Marine Services. Our friendly, courteous staff will listen to you, explain our services, and let you make the best-informed decision about whether we are right for your needs. At DND Marine Services, we are here to help you get back quickly with the best in repair services. 

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